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Inhabitants: ca 14 000
Time zone: CET+1
Area code: +382 85
Car plates: BR
Postal code: 85000


Bar is a modern city, built almost entirely after World War II, with modern buildings, wide boulevards and lots of parking space. The most famous feature of the city is the Port of Bar, an entry point for large amount of goods imported into Montenegro.

Besides being Montenegro's main seaport, Bar and its surroundings are a popular destination for tourists.

There are some nice cobble beaches in Bar itself and the entire area around Bar is mostly untouched nature. The Bar municipality stretches to the southern shore of Skadar lake and encompases Krajina region. This entire area is suitable for leisure activities and hiking. Smaller settlements near Bar, such as Dobre Vode, Sutomore and Čanj, are favourite destination for sunbathing, with their long sandy beaches.

As for tourist attractions Bar has many interesting alternatives; the old town of Bar, Haj Nehaj Fortress, with the remainings from the 15th century fortress and the castle of King Nikola.

Old town of Bar
Old town of Bar


Bar has a wind blowing for the south about 88 days a year, mostly during the winter. The southern wind is very soft and warm, but raises the waves in the sea. The weather temperature is as in July – about 28°C (82°F). There are approximately 2160 sunny hours a year. In winter the temperature drops down to 10°C the lowest.

Olive tree
Olive tree


The Sozina tunnel - distances Bar around 50 kilometres from Podgorica.

The Adriatic motorway - connects Bar to the rest of the coastal towns of Montenegro, from Ulcinj to Herceg Novi, and on to Croatia.

The Railway - Bar is the final station of the Belgrade - Bar railway.

The Airport - Podgorica Airport is around 40 km away, with regular flights to Belgrade, Budapest, Zurich, Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Paris, Rome and Vienna.

Old house in Bar
Old house in Bar

Bar - video


Mirko Vučinić
Juventus player from Montenegro - Mirko Vučinić
The captian of the Montenegro national football team is a Juventus player. Read more about Juventus here »

Entrance - festival of electronic music - Rose
Entrance - festival of electronic music - Rose, Herceg-Novi
If you are a fun of electronic sound Entrance is the right occasion for you to visit Montenegro. In a lively ambience where the stone and water merge some of the leading European D.J's such as Beni Benassi and other come, so the visual and the sound experience merge in a phenomenal fun which is contributed by a great organization of hosts.

Port Cup - traditional volleyball tournament for women - Bar
Port Cup - traditional volleyball tournament for women - Bar
The biggest local tournament in volleyball, which includes the participation of teams from Montenegro and Serbia. Most often it is held in the open which gives it even more charm.

Swimming marathon - Bar
Swimming marathon - Bar
Sport manifestation - swimming marathon on relation Sutomore - Bar in the length of 5 km. It is held in August and all of those who wish to test themselves in warm Adriatic waves take part in it.

International summer carnival - Kotor
International summer carnival - Kotor Similar like the winter one summer carnival too is meant for fun and party on the streets and squares of Kotor. This manifestation was creates in the past several years, so that it could depict to tourists the pleasures of street parties and so that it can describe them the spirit of Kotor and the cheerfulness which exist in that town for centuries.

Boka night - Kotor
Boka night - Kotor One of the most famous tourist manifestations in Kotor recognizable by the defile of boats, which decorated take part in the competition. Boats cruise along the Kotor harbor, decorated with lights. On Kotor squares for hours lasts fun with song, dance and cheerful atmosphere. At he end of the night the best decorated barge is chosen, and Boka night ends with a festive fireworks.

FIAT - Festival of the international alternative theaters - Podgorica
Festival of the international alternative theaters - Podgorica Theater spectacle which attracts alternative troupes mostly from the region. It is marked with high notes as one of the best ones in this Europe. In the organization of Culturally - Informative center Budo Tomovic and theater enthusiasts FIAT will give you the pleasure to enjoy in Becket, Shakespeare, and others in a completely different way.

Lastva festivities - Lastovo, Tivat
Lastva festivities - Lastovo, Tivat This is a manifestation which is traditionally held in August in the place Gornja Lastva (Upper Lastva), close to Tivat. The organizers of Lastva festivities are culturally tourist and hometown association Napredak (Progress) and Tivat's center for culture. On the first Saturday of August the main fiesta of Lastva festivities is being held. The fiesta is made of: artistic programs, dance circle of Boka Navy accompanied with Music educational association Tivat. Numerous domestic and foreign guests,, and citizens of Tivat who visit this manifestation, enjoy in listening of original Lastva songs, as well as in the traditional dances better kown as Lastva and Skaljar folk round dance. The dinners in the mill dedicated to clapper music songs, traditional way of singing that is present in Boka Kotorska is one of the most beautiful moments of the fiesta.

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